Feroz Noorani has a Banking and Financial Services career spanning over three decades in the GCC/Middle East and India, in senior roles within Commercial & Investment Banking including Shariah-compliant Banking; culminating in core competency as a subject-matter-expert in Enterprise-wide Risk Management, Governance and Compliance. Feroz is the first Chief Risk Officer of Warba Bank, Kuwait, responsible for Enterprise-wide Risk Management and instrumental in setting-up industry best-practice-led robust Risk Management, Risk Governance & Risk Control framework to assist in formulating business strategy, management and decision-making. Prior to this assignment he was the Group Chief Risk Officer at Al Hilal Bank, Abu Dhabi. Previously, Feroz as Head of Group Risk & Capital Strategy and Basel Program Director at Samba Financial Group, Saudi Arabia, was responsible for leading change in Risk Management Framework with the mandate to accomplish Basel II compliance under Internal Ratings Based (IRB) Approach. Feroz Noorani possesses academic and professional excellence with Masters in Business & Finance; Degrees in Law and Accounting; and professional training in Risk Management from INSEAD and other Banking & Corporate Governance accreditations.