Filippo started his career from an electrical engineering degree in Catania (Italy) and a research role in STMicroelectronics, after which he moved to Turin to better understand the complex energy production panorama. In 2014, after a parenthesis in Denmark, he experienced the Swedish environment in Stockholm to deepen the Smart Grids concept together with KIC InnoEnergy (now EIT InnoEnergy), where he also earned his Master of Science in double-degree with the Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble. With the ESADE Business School in Barcelona, he participated in the creation of a startup in energy requalification for buildings in 2015 and joined Engie in 2016 for a project to develop an off-grid microgrid in South-East of Asia to prove an innovative Energy Management System to run electrical and hydrogen assets in a RES-dominant setting. Since 2015 he has been spreading the word on teaching energy education from early age. In 2016, he and other four InnoEnergy fellows founded the IE Energy Policies group, targeting students along with young and seniors professionals, for a proper knowledge transfer and proficient cooperation among all the actors in the energy field.