As Head of Innovation Development, Frank is responsible for facilitating innovation processes and practices throughout Novozymes. His team helps internal clients in the organization to deliver more customer-centric innovation while engagement in external innovation networks is a source of best practices and opportunities. Franks experience spans from company-wide, volunteer-based innovation programs to crowdsourcing, hackathons and digital innovation communities. A recent focus and activity of learning is the engagement with open source communities such as the Danish makerspace Labitat / Biologigaragen for rapid prototype development. Frank holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the Free University of Berlin and started his career in Novozymes R&D in 2000. He is a blogger, facilitator and co-author on the subjects of innovation culture and crowdsourcing. Managing Front-End Innovation through Idea Markets at Novozymes. Lauto, G.; Valentin, F.; Hatzack, F.; Carlsen, M. Research Technology Management (2013), Vol. 56 Issue 4, p17. Crowd-Foresighting: Experimenting with a new Innovation Approach (2014). Novozymes announces Open Source Collaboration (2014).