Gábor Horváth has 15 years of experience in the field of risk management. Having worked for a short period as desk bond analyst and business journalist, Gábor started his carreer as a market risk expert at Bank Austria’a Hungarian subsidiary, HVB Bank. After four years of covering ALM, market and counterparty risk topics, he has joined one of Hungary’s then leading leasing company, Lombard Leasing, former member of the DZ Bank Group, to focus on credit and operational risk issues. He has managed a team responsible for credit risk regulation, portfolio analysis, application scoring, fraud management and later the implementation of an operational risk management framework. In 2010, Gábor was invited to build a new team at OTP Bank, to cover the market risk management of the trading book, and supervise the activity on a group level. Since 2014, Gábor’s responsibility has been extended by country, counterparty and operational risk management.