Gillian McColgan is currently CTO of Marquis Technologies, a full-service IP and technology consulting business comprising key elements of the Nortel and Rockstar IP teams. Gillian was the CTO at Rockstar Consortium. In this role, she led the reverse engineering and technical functions, generating high-quality assertion packages in support of ~100 licensing engagements across four distinct franchises. In these licensing engagements, Gillian participated in senior-level meetings to assist the CEO and senior leaders of other companies to understand the context of the inventions and the relationships of these inventions to the presently-offered products and services. Gillian also led Rockstar’s Market Analysis function. Prior to joining Rockstar, Gillian was with Nortel Networks for 25 years in a variety of roles, the last of which was as CTO of the IP Business where her responsibilities included supporting the bankruptcy auction process and the various Stakeholders to insure proper treatment of Nortel’s valuable IP through the bankruptcy process – culminating in the historic $4.5B return to Nortel’s creditors. In helping to build the Nortel IP Business, Gillian established and monitored the operating budget for the entire IP Legal team and led the Market Analysis, Technical Assertion and Reverse-Engineering teams. Prior to this role Gillian held various R&D, Business and Product Management positions across the Wireless, Optical and Data Networking Business units. Gillian has Bachelor and Post Graduate qualifications in Engineering from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. She has also completed courses in the areas of Executive Management and Finance at universities including Harvard and MIT.