Acting at the helm of the core and most forward-thinking unit of INTESA SANPAOLO CARD, Giovanni is responsible for building and maintaining flexible and reliable IT system within the company, thus generating new revenues by applying new technologies to card business. Initiator and designer of Target Business Architecture, a robust IT platform for the card business of all Intesa Sanpaolo banks, Giovanni is strongly dedicated to provision of valuable IT services to all INTESA SANPAOLO CARD’s clients ever since arrival to the company in 2010. One of his most remarkable achievements includes establishment and management of Research and Development department (later renamed to Innovation and Prototyping Dpt), a ‘think-tank’ behind launch of Wave2Pay mobile wallet based on HCE technology, that established INTESA SANPAOLO CARD as a forerunner in the global payment solutions industry. Prior to that, he accumulated many years of card business experience in Setefi S.p.a in Milan were he performed various executive roles related to Marketing, Special Projects, IT and Operation areas. Giovanni is also a member of the European Payments Advisory Committee of MasterCard Worldwide since 2006.