Gudny is an entrepreneur and a business developer with years of experience in developing business opportunities. She founded EcoNord with the purpose of developing and marketing environmentally friendly equipment’s. Gudny has over 25 years of experience as a business consultant and coach. She is passionate in developing and promoting entrepreneurship and environment friendly solutions. Through her work as a board member of Entrepreneur committee under FKA (an Association of Business Women in Iceland), board member of Emblur (a fellowship of women who have graduated with an MBA degree from Reykjavik University) and board member of Clean Tech Iceland under SI (The Federation of Iceland Industries) her aim is to increase success rate of entrepreneurs by mentoring and couching their founders, increase emotional and social intelligence by consulting and couching executive directors and to promote Icelandic companies and projects with environmental friendly solutions and to reduce waist of recourses. Gudny has an MBA from Reykjavík University in Iceland and currently attending doctoral program (DBA Sustainability and Leadership), at Walden University, USA. Gudny received a special recognition award 2015 for ingenious & innovative achievements on the occasion of the 5th Bi-Annual International European Women Inventors & Innovators Network Awards 2015, held in London, United Kingdom.