Founder and CEO of Pharmatoka S.A.S., obtained the first worldwide health claim on cranberries from the French Food Health Agency in 2004 . Developed a range of dietary supplements marketed worldwide under the Brand names ellura® and urell® Acquired a huge expertise in « cranberry science », i.e. bacterial anti-adhesion against different pathogenic bacteria, in analytics and in the medical field. During 2012-2016 worked on the upgrading of the dietary supplement to herbal medicine. Without any prior references, without an EMA Monograph and in the context of a chaotic « cranberry dietary supplement market » in Europe , everything was created « ex-nihilo ». The first step was completed (traditional herbal medicine) in 2016. The next step will be to reach well established use status. Pharmatoka’s subsidiary « Pharmaceutical Laboratory » was created in 2015 and is active in developing and acquiring other herbal medicines with proven therapeutic records.