Dr. Al Madi obtained his medical degree in 1994, and practised medicine for few years after. Later on, he shifted to the Insurance sector and started his career in 1999 as medical underwriter. He went on to become the Operational Head of a Multinational TPA Company. Moving forward, Dr. Hazem Al Madi had consolidated his medical education and insurance expertise through a range of multifaceted programs. He is a Post-graduate in IT and Healthcare Management accredited from the AMA; and a Black Belt certified expert in Six Sigma QMS, to mention a few. In the field of risk management, Dr. Al Madi developed one of the largest and most successful health insurance models in the region. Prior to joining CIBL, Dr. Al Madi held many senior positions in the insurance industry. He served as Executive Vice President for a leading public shareholding insurance company. CEO for public shareholding insurance company, Co -chairman of healthcare task force for the American Business Council in Dubai and Northern Emirates, Member of the higher Technical Committee of Emirates Insurance Association, Chairman of life and medical technical committee of Emirates Insurance Association and others. Dr. Hazem has significantly influenced the shape of the health insurance sector with over a decade of executive experience in the regional insurance market. Interacting with international and regional players, his expertise spans across ma ny sectors to include; operations, technical, business development and strategic planning.