Heidi Mosbek is an experienced international leader within the financial sector. Heidi has worked in legal, regulatory risk, compliance and audit roles with cross jurisdictional responsibility in the financial sector through 15 years. Today Heidi is heading the Business & Technical Group Audit function at Assicurazioni Generali. Her role is to develop and lead highly qualified virtual teams with a global responsibility. Prior to her current role in Assicurazioni Generali, Heidi was Head of Compliance for the Scandinavian Compliance Function in RSA (Codan/Trygg-Hansa). Heidi is a lawyer of background, has headed group legal department in Sparinvest Asset management Group, and before that Heidi had different roles at the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Due to her broad background Heidi possess significant knowledge of the financial sector both from a regulatory, risk/control and business perspective. Heidi’s experience includes a significant international exposure both group internal as well as towards stakeholders and regulators. She aims at delivering strong, supportive business oriented approach without jeopardising professional objectivity and key independency in her roles. During the years in the financial industry Heidi has been a member of Tradebody committees both in the investment field and the insurance area. Recently Heidi passed the CBS Executive Board Exam.