Mr. Ignacio Moreno, born in the city of Valdivia, assumed his position as Undersecretary of Mining, from 11 March 2014.  He is an economist and Master in Business Administration at the University of Montpellier, France, and graduated in Management Sciences at the University of Bradford, England.Although he completed his secondary and higher education abroad, his professional development has taken place in Chile, contributing his knowledge and experience to the economic and productive development of the mining sector.  From 1992 he served as deputy representative in our country, the National Bank of Paris (BNP) and developed his academic career at the University of Chile, Talca and Central.  In 1997, Mr. Ignacio joined the professional team of Cochilco, as Director of Evaluation Management and in 2000 assumed the Executive Director of the Centre for Mining Metallurgical Research (CIMM).  In 2006 he became Deputy Manager of Development of National Mining Company. After leaving Enami in 2010, he has been regarded as an expert consultant in matters of economy and mining in the small and medium enterprises, thanks to its extensive experience in the sector.  Upon being appointed Undersecretary of Mining by President Michelle Bachelet, he was in charge of the General Management of Minera Cerro Dominator.