Hubert Poels (1965) holds B.A degrees in Food Engineering (1986) and in Marketing (1988) from the Netherlands. He has been involved in related projects for various employers around the world before settling down to set up his trading company in Southern China in 2003 bridging between East and West with (food) manufacturing equipment and components. Mixing a passion for development and commerce while being eager to contribute to conserving our green planet he happily seized the opportunity to assume a partnership in WATCO back in 2012. Together with seasoned water cooling engineer and fellow Dutchman Henk Janssen the decision to join efforts and focus on innovations in the water cooling industry was an easy one. As the Managing Director of the company he oversees the development of eco-friendly technologies for application in the field of industrial water cooling from the development basis in Guangzhou – China. In addition, he is actively involved in the Watco’s business development world-wide.