Ibrahim Kocagoz is the Smart City Project Manager – QPM , Lusail City Development Project. Prior to joining QPM, Ibrahim worked as an Electrical and Instrumentation Design Manager at AECO in Oman. Ibrahim received a Bachelors Degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Istanbul in 2004.

Ibrahim has more than 15 years experiences at urban development, oil & gas fields, industrial projects where he is really good on engineering, construction, commissioning, research, development, management, especially for systems integration, instrumentation & control systems, and sustainability.

He started his professional working life in 1998 with a GSM company and focused on wireless communication systems and radio systems more.
Chaos, Chua Oscillator, Chaotic and Non-linear Dynamic systems was the subject of his thesis to graduate from the university. This research took two years which was financially supported by university and government. Several universities and researchers referred to this research as well.