Ir. Chea is an experienced and qualified Professional Engineer (Mechanical) with over 20 years of experiences in the area of Building’s M&E Services, Mechanical Handling Engineering, Project Management, Central Vacuum Systems and Automated Waste Collection Systems. Last 12 years of his working experience was with Stream Environment group of companies in Malaysia, Singapore & Middle East where he received further training and acquired knowledge in Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS). SYNOPSIS: AUTOMATED WASTE COLLECTION SYSTEM (AWCS) Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) is an environmental technology offering city grade piped infrastructure for solid waste transport system via vacuum technology. The offering introduces a new and unique method of transporting solid waste through sealed network of pipes and stored in sealed container at a Central Waste Handling Facility (or Bin Centre) several kilometers away or around the development. This process enhances the garbage collection process, and creating value to improve urban living and working environment. AWCS addresses 2 Key Concern Areas in Municipal Solid Waste Management:- 1) Waste Collection & Storage Environmental nuisance such as noise, odors & pest due to open storage; Security threats and traffic congestion due to door-to-door collections. 2) Waste Transportation Spillage of leachate onto streets due to manual transfer & conventional rear loader garbage trucks inadequately sealed. AWCS will address the abovementioned problems as new developments are able to transport municipal or household waste at high speeds via concealed reticulated underground pipes to CWHF located more than 2km away. Hence, this will eliminate garbage trucks having to enter development to collect the garbage. The waste container is also completely sealed thus guaranteeing that no leachate spillage occurs during loading and transportation. Among other benefits of AWCS are as follow:- Environmentally friendly; Saves valuable space thereby optimizing the economic value of a development; Increases design and architectural freedom; Recoverable cost; Invisible (concealed), practical (automated) & hygienic (sealed); Recognized by GBI and BCA Green Mark as an Innovative Technology; Faster removal with consolidation of waste; Provides upmarket image; and Visionary and future ready technology. Similar to utilities such as water, sewerage, gas and power, it is the envisioned the current conventional way of handling waste will be replaced with AWCS for all new developments. Currently, many new exclusive districts such as Financial Districts, Knowledge Cities, Class residential and Class Commercial Buildings in the world today are implementing as a typical standard infrastructure system.