Iwan Jatmika was born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He attended the Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Yogyakarta and graduated with a B.S degree in electrical engineering in 1990. He has experience in offshore oil & Gas more than 23 years. He started as Project electrical & Instrumentation engineering for many offshore Production facilities Project with Atlantic richfield Indonesia in 1991 – 1999. Then he joined British Petroleum (BP) Indonesia in 2000 as Sr. Project engineer for Terang Sirasun Subsea facilities front end Loading (feL) Project at Kangean, east Java field. Started 2003, he challenged to be Sr. Project HSe Lead for offshore Kepodang (feL) Project and offshore APn field Development Project, Java Sea, Indonesia. In 2006, he promoted to be environment and HSe Performance Team Leader for BP Indonesia Corporate/ Tangguh Project HSe Department, before then moved to BP West Java Inc. as HSe Manager. In 2009, he joined Pertamina as Sr. HSe Manager at PT. Pertamina Hulu energi offshore north West java (PHe-onWJ) for about 4 years before being promoted as Vice President QHSSe of the Corporate Holding PT. Pertamina Hulu energi, Indonesia in end of 2013. Iwan is married with 2 children.