Jacek joined mBank still in start-up phase in 2002 witnessing and participating in phenomenal organic growth of digital only bank form nothing to 4th retail player in Poland. Since 2005 he continued his career at mBank retail on several managerial positions in Business Strategy, CRM, Business Development and Marketing, Product Management and Sales. In course of his cooperation with mBank, he participated in international expansion to foreign markets in Czech Republic and Slovakia (2007). Later on he co-led the next wave of highly digital mBank transformation of mBank (2011-2013). In 2014 launched the Orange Finance – a sub-brand of Orange Poland offering complimentary mobile financial services to its customers. Since January 2014 he is appointed as Managing Director for Retail Banking Sales and Business Processes focusing on digital transformation and developing multichannel model where digital channels work in synergy with branches and contact center.