Jack Leahey is responsible for global sales and service delivery for 8over8. He started with 8over8 in July 2015 and brings 30 years of experience in the Oil & Gas and Process and Power industries. Previously Leahey was responsible for global sales at ARES PRISM and global business development of Rolta’s Engineering, Oil & Gas and Utilities verticals. He was instrumental in the development of Rolta’s OneView™ product and the global growth of its sales, and was an integral part of the team that closed and delivered the SARDA engineering systems infrastructure project. Eleven of his thirty years of experience were spent at Aspen Technology (1993-2004) where he joined the company in the pre public stage and helped grow the company from $18M to $350M in revenues.  After Aspen, Jack Leahey worked to build up two different startup companies; one in the environmental area funded by Eastman Chemical which was successfully sold to 3E Company and the other in the Product Life Cycle Management area funded by Oak Partners which was grown to about $10M in revenue in two years. Leahey worked at NASA (thesis work), Morton Thiokol in R&D, Tektronics (Modeling and Simulation startup), and Hewlett Packard Analytical Group before joining AspenTech. Leahey holds a BS in chemistry with a minor in computer science (Berry College), and a MS in physical chemistry (University of Alabama at Huntsville).