Jaime Soto Muñoz, Founder and Executive Chairman of the business group CirculoGEN , Industrial Engineer and Doctor of Business Administration , he has experience of over 25 years in the IT industry and related services as an entrepreneur, consultant and director of companies , performing their activity professional in Chile, Latin America, USA and Europe. In its trade union activity it is: National Director of the College of Engineers of Chile A.G., Past -President and Secretary General of the Chilean Association of Information Technology AG; Chairman of the Civil Society of the Treasury of the Republic . He has previously participated in leadership and as President of the Federation of Technology and Innovation ( FEDITCHILE ) and Advisor : Industrial Development Society (SOFOFA); Digital Country Foundation; the Chile Enter Foundation; The Latin American Federation of Associations of Institutions Information Technology (ALETI); and Founder and Director of the Chilean Group Business Software ( GECHS ), has also been Treasurer and Member of the Executive Committee of the College of Engineers of Chile. It is recognized in the IT business sector and union for their contribution to the discussion and public policy with their opinions, mainly in the areas of Innovation, Science and Technology. This past year has been invited to be part of the Subcommittee on Institutions of the Presidential Commission for the Development of the Ministry of Science and Technology. In the last 10 years he has been invited to give their opinion in numerous conferences, seminars, forums and events related to technologies and their impact on the creation of tangible and intangible value in the new economy companies. His research and teaching for over 20 years have been related to the management and knowledge management, and have been linked to financial and accounting models and Value Creation and Innovation.