Jan Rapan is an International Strategic Business Director for PosAm Ltd. managing two of three strategic expansions pillars in EMEA markets. Over 20 years of his experience spans Banking & Insurance markets. Especially in innovations & boosters of sales efficiency. He was appointed to this job in 2012, previously working in multinational IT/Business/Consultancy leading companies operated in CEE+SEE regions. PosAm is a leading Slovak IT company, a position that the company reaffirmed and boosted in 2010 when it became a part of the Deutsche Telekom group (DTAG). The acquisition of PosAm is one of the most successful steps of the DTAG group. PosAm is a flag ship of Insurance solutions across 50 countries of DTAG & for almost 220 million customers. Main Insurance segments covered by PosAm – Sales, Product creating, Claims handling, Fraud Detection. PosAm is also one of best EU Municipal Cloud service providers based on EuroCloud Award 2015 nomination. Last year PosAm reached 25th year of successful existence.