Dr. Janine Collins serves as Senior Director, European Risk Management. In this role, Dr. Collins provides leadership, direction, and guidance for all EU risk management activities. Following 16 years of clinical practice in Family Medicine, Dr. Collins gained more than 13 years of pharmaceutical and medical device experience. Her drug safety experience in Novartis and Abbott includes safety surveillance across a broad range of therapeutic areas including oncology, neurology, cardiology, endocrinology, HIV, and rheumatology. Before joining UBC, Dr Collins was Vice President of Medical Affairs and Clinical Research in the Medical Device industry with specific experience in Interventional Pulmonology and the management of emphysema. She has specific expertise in the development of European risk management plans, the implementation of risk minimization activities, and strategic support in these areas during the periapproval period. During her career, she worked on risk managements plans for Celgene at a time when these concepts were evolving in Europe. She led the risk management and risk minimization programmes for two teratogenic products, Revlimid and Thalidomide. Dr. Collins also consulted extensively with regulators in relation to the design, set up, and implementation of mandated post-authorization safety studies and has designed and project managed a pan- European mandated PASS study. Dr. Collins is a graduate of St. George’s Hospital Medical School in London and obtained a master’s degree in Legal and Ethical Practice of Medicine from Cardiff Law School.