Janko Trenkoski is the general manager and portfolio manager at KB FIST PENSION COMPANY, based in Skopje, Macedonia, since 2007. He runs a private pension company with 31 employees and is responsible for €330 million of pension assets under management (4% of GDP). The Company operates in the privately managed mandatory funded pension system (Pillar 2) as well as the voluntary pension savings and occupational schemes (Pillar 3). Previously, he founded and served as CEO at R3 Infomedia-local online search company. He has also served as a senior investment officer with SEAF Washington private equity fund-investing in early-stage businesses in underserved markets; he has also worked at Merrill Lynch. Janko participated in the Future of Finance panel on retirement security-April 2015, organized by the CFA Institute during the Annual Conference in Frankfurt, Germany. Mr. Trenkoski holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from McNeese State University-Louisiana, as well as the CFA and FRM designation.