I have had the privilege of embracing motivating, challenging but also rewarding roles within the internal audit function of a premier financial services provider over the course of the last few decades. Having grown from the auditor’s rank, I could directly experience each and every step on the ladder up-to being second to the Head of Internal Audit, responsible for the international side of internal audit, directly managing over 70 staff. Moving from a regionally to a functionally managed organization, I first headed the audit division responsible for the investment banking business, then the overall Swiss domestic business. Following the merger of the two largest financial institutions in Switzerland, I developed a new Corporate and Regulatory Governance unit supporting the Head of internal audit in his dealings with the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee, regulatory relationships and started an initiative for screening of important new regulatory developments. Changing responsibilities also included the Professional Practice function, the IQA role, developing and implementing a robust MIS systems, and more.