Mr Jimmy Khoo is the Managing Director of Singapore District Cooling, a key subsidiary of the Singapore Power group of companies. He is a Senior Vice President who has held various senior appointments in the group. He was previously Head of Business Ventures responsible for SP’s commercial and technology initiatives. He also held operational and commercial roles such as heading the planning division in SP PowerGrid and led the Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal project team in Singapore Power. He was seconded to the Energy Market Authority as Acting CEO to help the Government continue with the project and set-up the LNG terminal company. He has also been involved in SP’s overseas projects and was Managing Director (Australia Investments) based in Melbourne. Prior to joining Singapore Power, Mr Khoo was a Brigadier General holding various senior command and staff appointments in the Ministry of Defence and the Singapore Armed Forces. He led the Joint Staff and the Future Systems Directorate before he left to join the private sector.