Johny joined Pfizer in 2010 and is currently the Engineering Maintenance Manager for Pfizer Global Supply, Sydney, Australia. Johny Has more than 17 years experience leading and managing colleagues in Pharmaceutical and FMCG businesses in Australia with exposure to manufacturing in Asia, Europe, US & the Middle East. Johny’s current role provides leadership to up to 11 engaged Engineering personnel responsible for Asset management. The main aim is to deliver uptime through reliable Machines with business basics such as quality, safety and cost. Also, drive a culture of accountability and innovation. Prior to Joining Pfizer, Johny worked for GlaxoSmithKline, Sydney, Australia Throughout his 17 years in the Pharmaceuticals industry, he has gained a great understanding and experience from all aspects of the business. His previous role was the Operations Unit Manager and completed a greenbelt certification. Johny holds a Bachelor‘s Degree in Chemical Engineering (honours) and a Masters Degree in Engineering Management. Johny lives in Sydney Australia with his wife and three kids and in his spare time enjoys playing football and running/biking