If you ask me what I dread most, I would say a monotonous routine because of the resulting boredom (yawn!) If you ask me what I enjoy, I would say the use of my creative mindset and passion for technology to disrupt conventional practices in HR (smiley face!) For the past 10 years, my experience spans from a successful track record of consulting to operational roles in executing strategic development solutions for leaders in Blue Chip companies across a wide spectrum of industries. My client portfolio included Rolls-Royce, Bosch, Google, Siam Commercial Bank, Edrington, Schibsted Media Group, Rio Tinto and William Grant & Sons. I am multilingual with a multicultural background including an extensive experience of working in Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East and the USA. Prior to joining Schibsted Media Group, I worked at Duke Corporate Education, an organisation globally ranked number one for customised leadership development by Financial Times for twelve consecutive years. Coming from an engineering and research background, I never loses my inner geeky need to approach each task like an experiment; generating hypotheses, testing & evaluating the hypotheses and finally using the data gathered to inform decisions. I am now leading the People Analytics function in the largest European tech company to turn people data into strategic actions for the business. I am always keen to share, discuss, debate and be convinced of any new ideas within the broad area of learning and development, so feel free to reach out!