Er. Joseph Michael graduated from the then University of Singapore (now NUS) in Electrical Engineering in 1979. He attained professional engineer status with the PE Board, Singapore in 1995 and later became a Certified Energy Manager registered with IES in June 2012. Over the last 35 years of his professional career, he has held senior positions in Singapore Airlines, Public Utilities Board and Energy Market Authority. His experience covers M&E facilities management, planning, coordination and supervision of diversion and protection of underground utilities to facilitate infrastructure projects e.g. MRT &CTE, regulatory control of electrical accessories and appliances, independent investigation of fatal electrical incidents, cable damages and unauthorized use of electricity. More recently, he was involved in root cause analysis of power failures and voltage dips in the T&D network and forced outages of generators. He has also reviewed the maintenance regimes of power generation companies in Singapore. He is co-Founder and currently Director in Marian Technologies Pte Ltd, and is actively involved in energy efficiency in commercial and industrial buildings and the development of renewable power plants. Er. Joseph has made substantive contribution to the Singapore national standardization and accreditation programmes since 1989. For his efforts, he was awarded the Distinguished Award by Singapore Standards Council-PSB in Oct 1999 and the Technical Assessor (Distinguished) by the Singapore Accreditation Council in August 2015. He currently serves in various capacities in national Technical Committees and Working Groups.