Julie W. Munro is one of the pioneers of medical tourism and has been an industry leader for more than a decade. She has a keen, practical understanding of health care operations in developing and post- conflict countries, management and growth of private hospital systems and enterprises, and health care related business development opportunities. She is president and founder of the Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA, www.mtqua.org), which she founded in 2009 in order to build an awareness in the public, the media and the health care sector of the issues in medical tourism that often limit patients from getting the best outcomes. Ms. Munro is one of the few leaders in medical tourism with extensive direct personal experience in all aspects of the medical tourism experience and speaks with authority about issues in medical tourism and patient care management. Since founding her landmark medical tourism company in 2003, Cosmetic Surgery Travel, she was a medical travel care manager and facilitator for thousands of clients. The company was a top choice of patients Speakers bios: seeking medical care abroad for many years. Since the 1980s she and her family members have experienced more than 20 episodes of medical care as international patients in many countries. As a business consultant to the medical travel industry, Ms. Munro offers clients her experience as a successful facilitator, her work with hospitals, clinics and doctor groups in developing their medical tourism programs, her marketing acumen, both online and traditional, in promoting health care and related services for medical tourists, and her extensive global network of medical tourism business experts and health care professionals. Ms. Munro sits on the Advisory Board of Medical Tourism Development Program of Gulf Medical University, Dubai. She leads the MTQUA medical tourism curriculum development program for universities and educational institutes. She is author of the Website and Internet Best Practices in Medical Tourism and other white papers on patient care management including Care And Management of Traveling International Patients, the most downloaded and influential paper in medical tourism. She publishes and writes for MTQUA’s Inside Medical Travel newsletter, and contributes to several health care and medical tourism print and online publications including the U.S. Healthcare Finance News, the U.K. International Travel Insurance Journal (ITIJ) Medical Travel Review, and the Singapore-based Global Health and Travel Magazine. She is a popular speaker, frequently addressing private health care groups as well as medical tourism and health care conferences in Asia, Europe and the U.S. on current issues in medical tourism. She divides her time between Scottsdale and Bangkok