Since November 2016 J. Joossens has been the Head of the Valorisation Unit at Antwerp University Association. From 2007 till 2016 he was the research and innovation manager of ADDN, a preclinical drug discovery platform at the university of Antwerp. Before, he was a scientist at the Paul Janssen Research Center (J&J Beerse) and he obtained a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Antwerp in 2005. As pharmacist he is the ideal translator between basic and clinical sciences, and he knows how to meet the patient needs. His PhD in Medicinal Chemistry supports him to select the right compound profiles for the right disease. In his current role he is the valorisation manager of the Antwerp University Association and he is connecting stakeholders with different backgrounds. Breaking down barriers and moving projects forward is his credo. He is the initiator of different inter-university initiatives such as the yearly Flemish IOF event, bridging together all Flemish academic research & innovation managers and he created the CBIcluster, an inter-university platform for (bio)organic chemists supporting innovation in biology.