Katrin joined Zurich Insurance Ltd. in 2015, coming from a large Swiss bank where she worked in Business Management and supported projects with the aim to increase customer focus. As part of the Zurich Way of Working (ZWoW) team, where she deployed a lean management system along the McKinsey 5 lens approach, she built a high credibility within a short time and successfully transformed teams in the UK, HongKong, Australia and Switzerland. During her last project, she also worked with a BPO vendor in Poland, being the first within Zurich Insurance Ltd. to transform a third party. Katrin is now supporting Enterprise Services on OPEX opportunities, focusing in particular on Sourcing & Procurement. She is working out of Zurich. Apart from her work at Zurich, she works as a coach and is supporting people to grow as an individual or professional and step beyond their present limitations. She is a yoga who takes regular singing classes and enjoys travelling, especially to places where she can pursue her new hobby, diving. In winter, as any person living in Switzerland, she enjoys skiing.