Graduated from Arizona State University, Tempe, USA. 2005 with a Bachelor of Science and Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering. He then joined SAUDI ARAMCO as Plant Network Maintenance Engineer for one year, then assigned as DCS engineer for three years. After that, promoted as Process Control Project Engineer. He then Joined P&G Co. as Technical System Module Project Manager for two years. Then shifted to SABIC PETROKEMYA as Instruments and Control Systems Manager until 2015. And finally pursued his career as Environment, Health, Safety and Security Center of Excellence Manger. Submitting and presenting technical paper at the 5th IEEE GCC Conference & Exhibition. Participated in SABIC Manufacturing Employee Opinion Survey – Performance Practices study and improvement in 2014/2015. Developed a dynamic matrices and procedures for PETROKEMYA Quality circles and best suggestions nominations while leading both activities in 2013. Lead & Completed CSD Turn Around for Polyethylene 2013, and PVC 2014 without any safety incidents. Recognized by SABIC VP of Manufacturing, for delivering excellent study road map and unique data for Employee opinion survey Performance Practices dimension. Completed all Junction boxes PM additions. This is including risk management studies and mitigations for 5384 JB’s. Reduced the number of quality incident for three major operations plants by 64.4% compared to the average of the last two years. Achieved more than SR 1,500,000 cost saving in PR Value for three Polymers plant compared to the average cost of 2M for the previous five years. Completed submittal and approval of more than 188 safety suggestions and near misses in one year, which as the highest among other sections and department. Successfully lead and improved BBS procedures and criteria including a dynamic yearly timetable that covers all required meetings and engagement and information. Lead the EHSS teams as Turnaround EHSS Manager for 7 Hydrocarbons and Polymers plants since year 2015.