Kingshuk Poddar is an integrative biomedical researcher currently associated with the department of Orthopaedic Surgery and the Nanosciences and Nanotechnology Institute, National University of Singapore. His area of expertise is in life sciences interface with inorganic oxides and polymers for translational applications. He has been involved in nanomedicine approaches involving detection of small molecules within cellular entities using correlative microscopic and spectroscopic approaches. This endeavour had devised novel materials for implants with reduced biofilm formation, advanced surface adhesion and proliferation of mammalian cells with targeted sustained release of antibiotics and drugs at the site of surgery. His active interest lies in functionalization of implantable surfaces for reduced surgery failures and infections. He is a member of Singapore Standards for implantable (ISO:IEC) and has been involved with the national Additive Manufacturing initiative for implants and standardization of pre-clinical (medium and large animal models) and clinical testing methodologies. He has an illustrious publication, invention disclosure, bench to bedside innovation and intellectual property track record and is keen for collaborative opportunities with Indian bio pharma industry.