She spent years in neurology praxis as medical doctor and 21 years at multinational pharmaceutical companies as marketing expert. She works as mediator and coach since 2015. She is the leader of the Hungarian Academy of Patient Organizations (BETegszervezetek Akadémiája, BETA) was intitiated and founded by AIPM (Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers) in Hungary in 2016. Since its foundation, the AIPM has been aiming to strengthen relations with patient organisations. In 2016, following the involvement and surveying the problems of patient organisations, AIPM has developed a new programme called BETA (Academy for Patient Associations), which, by the help of a professional programme, aims at contributing to the development and more effective functioning of patient organisations. Professional partners of BETA are the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYÉI), Semmelweis Medical University (SE), the Hungarian National Patient Forum (Nemzeti Betegfórum, NBF) and Hungarian Alliance of Patient Organisations (BEMOSZ).