Born in 1980. Białystok Universytet of Technology, Master of Software Engineering. Enthusiast and longtime practitioner in maintaining and development of insurance systems. Follower of quick and unusual solutions. Fan of prototyping and not putting up barriers between IT and Business. Over a decade in Vienna Insurance Group, currently IT Director at Benefia Ubezpieczenia – dynamic company that focuses on cooperation with car dealers and development of new technologies for insurance market. Co-author of a number of most innovative projects on Polish market:  first 24/7 fully on-line and moreover all-in-one insurance system, first direct portal for motor insurance, first motor coinsurance and supermarket via bank, first full sales process via WebServices. Co-author of “Here and Now” framework, set of tools and techniques based on scanning and automatic processing of vehicle registration card – insurance offers and polices in completely new places on variety of devices.