Dr. Krzysztof Grzylinski is a charter member and President of CEECLAM ( Central Eastern European Committee for Life, Health and Disability Assurance Medicine ) Dr. Krzysztof Grzylinski earned his Doctor of Medicine Degree at the Medical Academy in Warsaw, Poland in 1982. Between 1982 – 97 he worked in the public health sector and research centres in Warsaw such as Central University Hospital, Kondratowicza University Hospital and National Institute of Cardiology. He is a Fellow of the Polish Society of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Therapy and the Polish Society of Cardiology. Since 1994 he has been working for direct life insurance companies in Poland as Medical Consultant, Chief Medical Officer and Director of Underwriting and Claim Management Department. In 1999 he joined Gen Re (GeneralCologne Re at that time) where he works up to date holding the positions of Medical Director and Board Member, and since 2003, the President of the Board and CEO of Gen Re Warsaw, Poland supervising Polish and also Russian, Ukrainian and Baltic States Life and Health insurance market Dr Grzyliński is a co – founder and the first President of Polish Association of Insurance Medicine (PAIM). He has been also chairing the Committee of Health Insurance and Insurance Medicine under the auspices of Polish Insurance Chamber for the last five years being a standing delegate of Polish Insurance Chamber to the Health Committee of European Committee of Insurance ( CEA )