Dr. Lars-Åke Söderlund holds a position as Vice President for the Business Area Health Care, within Apoteket AB and works with strategic development of community- and hospital pharmacy. He is also Head of National Customers and New Businesses within Apoteket AB. He is an Executive Committee member within the Community Pharmacy Section at the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), as well as a member of the Program Committee, FIP. Dr. Söderlund is a frequent speaker in Sweden and internationally at Congresses regarding clinical & pharmaceutical services, the future of pharmacy and the integration of the pharmacy function within the health care system. As such Lars-Åke Söderlund has been working with health care authorities in Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil and China regarding the development the of pharmacy services, and the integration of pharmaceutical services within the health care system. Dr. Söderlund has since 2010 regularly been lecturing pharmacy students in China, both at Universities and at Congresses. Dr. Söderlund is a Board Member and Vice Chairman of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society, and President for the National project “Check my Medicines” (www.kollpalakemedel.se) in Sweden.