Luke Waddington is Co-Global Head of Fixed Income Electronic Markets at BNP Paribas, and a member of the bank’s fixed income business committee. Luke joined BNP Paribas in Asia in 2010, where he was tasked to build an Asia electronic franchise across all assets. He was soon promoted and transferred to London to establish the global franchise. After significant evolutions in building the FX business, Luke focused on the next generation cross asset electronic business. He has been instrumental in the in-house development and the launch of Cortex, BNP Paribas’ workflow orientated platform. Luke will consolidate and drive BNP Paribas’ worldwide electronic strategy and ambitions around Centric (corporate ePlatform) and Cortex (cross-asset ePlatforms). Asia will be a significant focus of these ambitions. Before joining BNP Paribas, Luke held similar positions at HSBC and RBS in Asia. He holds degrees from Newcastle University, the United Kingdom and Fukuoka University, Japan.