Mr. Købke has a long practical career in the transportation industry, supplemented by an educational exam. For 17 years Købke has been responsible for numerous projects which have the common denominator to increase the level of content and quality of Transport Training Programs, especially for truck drivers and Warehouse workers in Denmark, and among other things he has been responsible for the development and implementation of education programs where Top-Of-the Range simulators are included. Another workspace for Købke is future recruitment and retention of existing employees. In 2010 he started a study on the possibility of using a computer game in the struggle to get young people interested in choosing the Transport Industry as a career option. In April 2013 the learning game Cargo Dynasty was released in Denmark. In November 2013 Cargo Dynasty was given the Award “Best Serious Game 2013” in Bilbao, Spain. Since January2015 Købke has aggressively entered the Gamification environment with Image and recruitment campaigns, as well as a nationwide Cargo Dynasty Championship.