Possesses more than 29 years of experience in Management Information Systems (MIS), System Analysis & Design and Information Technology (IT). Have long working experience and keen interest in Islamic Banking & Finance. Education: Received Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA in 1987. Emphasis was on Digital Computer Systems. Earned MBA through The Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, Canada and BOU with concentration in Corporate Finance. Honors: Was in the Dean’s honor list at The University of Texas at Arlington. Was selected for membership of ETA-KAPP-NU, an honor society of Electrical and Computer Engineering. EXPERIENCE: Teaching Experience: Have been teaching e-business as a part-time faculty member at United International University, Bangladesh for last 2 years in MBA program. Taught Management Information Systems (MIS) course for MBA students at Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Dhaka University as a part time faculty member in couple of semesters. Taught several courses including Satistics-2, Project Management, System Analysis and Design and Client/Server computing courses at the United International University, Bangladesh. (2004-2007) in MBA and MCSE program Taught a number of courses on System Analysis and design at Bangladesh Computer Council. Professional Experience: July 1997- Till to date Chief Executive Officer of Millennium Information Solution Ltd. Work involves managing and leading a group of professionals to design, develop and market Software Development Projects/Products for local as well as overseas market. The flagship product is a complete solution for Islamic Banking and Finance following Islamic Shariah. Was the designer of 1st version of the product. July 1997 – June 2002 Worked as a consultant through Millennium at British American Tobacco (BAT,BD) to implement and to provide professional maintenance service on the application CS/3, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application by Tetrachameleon, UK. Work involved implementation, configuration and maintenance of the ERP application integrating Finance and Manufacturing functions. June 1995-June 1997 Worked as a consultant of SWMC (A project of Danish Hydraulic Institute and World Bank). Work involved maintenance of huge databases in connection with Mathematical Modeling software systems for Surface Water and ground Water Hydrology. It also involved maintenance of a heterogeneous network. The system comprised of several heterogeneous systems including 2 PA RISC based HP systems running under HP-Unix, 3 Digital Alpha machines running under 64 bit Digital Unix, 8 SCO Unix based servers and about 200 workstations. Designed and developed a Project Accounting System and several data conversion programs. February 1988-June 1995 Worked as the Manager, Software Development and System Integration for Technohaven Co. Work involved managing software development as well as System Integration projects. 1987 Worked as a grader for Computer Logic Design courses at University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Work involved examining and grading students’ papers like homework and term papers and responding to their queries. Summer 1987 Worked as a Programmer at National Research Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Work involved program loading, parameter setting and troubleshooting. Software Projects: Was the product director of “Ababil”- a complete solution for Islamic Shariah Based Banking, which is in operation in around 500+ branches of 10 financial institutions. The system includes Al-Wadiah module (Islamic Safe Keeping facility), Mudarabah Investment A/C (including Mudarabah Savings, Mudarabah Term Deposit, Mudarabaha Hajj (one time and recurring) and several Islamic Investment schemes (with one time as well as recurring deposit facility) where PSR based profit distribution system was implemented), Islamic Financing (Muharakah, Murabaha, Mudarabah and Quard etc.), Fixed Asset management, Bills including TT/DD and Pay Order management, Special Scheme Management, Islamic Trade Finance (including Foreign Trade) and a General/Nominal Ledger module integrating all other modules. The product was appraised and appreciated by several global Shariah scholars. It is within top ten of Gartner Inc. (USA)’s list and it was awarded by Global Finance, USA. Designed and developed an Application (n-tier and web based) for sales order processing, and inventory management system using ASP, COM+, T-SQL etc. The design was carried out using O-O methodology and UML (Unified Modeling Language). It was a n-tier based distributed system for a Dubai based company. Analyzed and designed a comprehensive Fixed Asset management system using O-O methodology and UML (Unified Modeling Language). This was a part of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for a UAE based organization. Was the Technical Lead of a Data Warehousing project awarded by a New Jersey based leading Software Company. Extensive T-SQL and Stored Procedures were used in that project to generate the result of complex business queries. Was the Project Manager of the Seat Reservation and Ticketing System of Bangladesh Railway. The system was designed to handle Local and Remote Ticketing, Forward and Return reservation, Train Scheduling etc. All accounting and management report generation regarding these operations was part of the project. Digital fiber optics line of Bangladesh Railway was used for remote communication and Wide Area Networking purpose. The system is in live operation in Bangladesh Railway. Was the Team Leader of The Accounts Consolidation System for The Controller and Auditor General of Bangladesh Government. The contract was awarded through the Overseas Development Agency (ODA) of United Kingdom. Designed and developed a Distributed Inventory Control System, Port Operation Monitoring System and a Financial Management System for the Director General of Food under DG Food Reorganization project of Bangladesh Government and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of United Nations. Designed and developed a system for managing Special Schemes Management System for Al-Arafa Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. The schemes are like Deposit Pension Scheme and Savings Bond etc. Was the project manager of the Computerized Poll Monitoring System for the election of the Bangladesh Government held in 1991. The system was used to analyze and telecast live progressive election results. Was the Team Leader of a Software Development Sub-Contract, which was developed for a large software house of USA. The work was to develop an Order Processing System with related accounting management. Also did some feature enhancement tasks of some earlier products of the company. Was the designer and developer of an Integrated Accounting System covering both Project Accounting and Corporate Accounting for Surface Water Modelling Center, a Trust Organization evolved from a project of Danish Hydraulic Institute. Was a team member of the system development project for monitoring of resettlement work of the affected people by the Jamuna Multi-purpose Bridge (JMB), one of the strategically biggest projects of Bangladesh Government. The software was also used for statistical reporting purpose to the World Bank, JAICA and other donor agencies. Was a member of the team for the design of a Personnel Management System and Examination Monitoring System of the Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh. System Integration Projects: Installed, configured and maintained several Unix, Windows and DOS based systems and related LAN & WAN. Installed, configured and maintained a heterogeneous LAN comprised of three DIGITAL Alpha RISC based workstations running under 64 bit Digital Unix, two HP 9000 PA-RISC 700 series workstations running under HP-UX, 6 SCO Unix Servers and about 200 Windows workstation. Installed and configure a WAN for the Chief Engineers offices of Bangladesh Railway for Inventory control and servicing scheduling of Locomotives and wagons of Bangladesh railway. The systems were running under SCO Unix and the WAN was set up using TCP/IP and PPP protocol. Installed and configured Arc/Info and Arcview GIS software under a LAN at Soil Research Development Institute of Bangladesh Government. The system was comprised of SUN SparcStations, X-terminals and several Pentium PCs. The contract was awarded through DANIDA. Installed and configured a heterogeneous LAN and Arc/Info GIS software at Environment and GIS Support Project. The system was comprised of two DIGITAL ALPHA workstations, One NT server and around 60 NT workstations. Was involved in the network configuration process of Surface Water Hydrology, which was comprised of Digital Alpha workstations, Compaq servers running under SCO Unix and several PC workstations. Worked as a Consultant to British American Tobacco Company to advise the upgrading and maintenance of their heterogeneous LAN comprised of about 200 workstations and 6 servers running under Unix and Windows 2000. Experience in different Platforms: Systems: DIGITAL 1170 running under Ultrix. Digital Alpha generation RISC based midrange system running under 64-bit Digital Unix. SUN SparcStation (Solaris) and related networking with PCs and X-Window terminals. HP 9000 system running under HP-UX. Multi-Processor and Single processor based PC running under SCO Unix and NT 4.0. Programming Languages: .Net C#, Java, C, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, Fortran 77, Dev/2000 including P/L SQL of ORACLE. Tools: Business Object (BO), Oracle forms & Reports, Screen and Form generators of Visual Basic, Paradox etc. RDBMS: Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2000, Ingress, Informix, Paradox 5.0 etc. Training, seminars and workshop (conducted) : Conducted several corporate training as well as commercial training on OS, LAN and RDBMS to the personnel of British American Tobacco Co. Ltd., Bangladesh Railway, Dhaka University, Shahjalal University, Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Tariff Commission, Department of Cipher, IBM, BEXIMCO, ICTVTR, Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. Etc. Conducted a number of seminars, symposium and workshop on various aspect of IT development and issues in software export, Quality Assurance, Project Management etc. in a few Universities and corporate houses in Bangladesh Training Received: Received training on designing “SUKUK” under various mode. The course was conducted by IIUM, Malaysia, Received training at Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta on “Top Management Training Program”-Sponsored by Danish Embassy. Successfully completed a comprehensive training on Project Management at the Center of International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC) in Japan, which was jointly sponsored, by CICC and Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS). Duration was 2.5 months. Successfully completed 2 weeks long Senior Management Training program on “IT for Business” in Japan. Successfully completed Oracle Developer 2000 course at SQL Star International, India, an authorized Oracle Training Center in India. The course duration was three weeks. Successfully completed Oracle DBA level I and level II course at SQL Star International, India, an authorized Oracle Training Center in India. The course duration was three weeks. Received training on CS/3 a client-server based ERP system developed by Tetrachameleon Ltd. of U.K. to implement MRP-II (Manufacturing Resources Planning) concept. The Accounting House of United Kingdom conducted this training. Duration of the course was three weeks. Was part of the implementation team of this software to British American Tobacco Co-Bangladesh Ltd. Received a comprehensive two weeks training on the Administration of Windows NT 4.0 at IBM World Trade Center. Successfully completed training on Novell Netware Technical Service & Support at Vitek Training Center, California, USA. Training included installation, configuration and troubleshooting of different version of Novell Netware with different cabling topology. Application and configuration of Router, Bridge and active and passive HUBs were part of the course. Received training in Multi-Processor based Everex Step MP training under SCO Unix with MPX extension at Everex USA, CA in 1992. Went through System Administration training on SCO Open Desktop at Santa Cruz Operation, SC, CA, USA in 1990. The course included details of SCO Unix System Administration, X11 based windowing architecture, Motif programming, and Ingress RDBMS, Networking with SCO TCP/IP, FTP, Telnet etc. Language Proficiency: Command over English is like Native American since studied and worked in USA for six years. Hobby: Love Traveling. Enjoy teaching and people management. Find interest in solving challenging software problems.