“Linking theory to practice” is a slogan that is applicable to me; to study and absorb theoretical concepts and models in Supply Chain and experiment to find out what might work, will work or will be very hard to work. After graduating in Logistics it was clear for me that the world of Logistics was broad and it was difficult to make a choice where to start a career or better, in which area do I want to become a specialist? This has lead to a valuable voyage where I have learned and experienced in many companies different functions in production, warehousing, distribution, planning and general management. I choose to become a specialist in managing inventories, besides managing lead-times, one of the most touched subjects in the Supply Chain I am often surprised by the lack of knowledge and skills in the Supply Chain environment. In, let’s stay optimistic, 80% of all cases companies are struggling with inventories not getting it under control. Percentages of 40 or 50% of inventory value being dead stock or excess stock are more common than exception. On the other hand, it feels great and releases loads of energy to experience that with simple steps and guidance huge improvements can be achieved. In my current role as COO every experience in different areas come together allowing me to add loads of real value to the company. And the slogan “linking theory to practice” is still applicable but with that difference that experimenting in the early days has now been replaced by confidence.