Marcin Tchorzewski, Managing Director at Arla Global Financial Services Centre in Gdansk and Board Member of Arla Foods S.A. Previously Vice President and member of the Management Committee at State Street Services in Krakow, leading Fund Accounting, Financial Reporting and Key Investor Information Services. Prior to joining State Street, Marcin was involved in setting up and managing a Transfer Agency unit at Franklin Templeton Investments in Poznan providing investors services to Franklin’s U.S. funds. Marcin spent several years in the United States working as accounting manager at Filtrona PLC in Richmond, VA and as financial analyst and controller at Medstrat, Inc. After returning to Poland he worked for Hewlett Packard’s shared service center in Wroclaw where he was responsible for setting up the entity from the regulatory perspective, coordinating strategy and planning activities for EMEA centers, and managing accounting operations for a large commercial client. Marcin holds a degree in Accountancy from Northern Illinois University and is a U.S. Certified Public Accountant (CPA).