Marek Mlodzikowski studied Mathematics and Culture Anthropology at Poznań University of A.Mickiewicz and Doctoral Studies in Management at Poznań University of Economics and Business. In last 20 years he successfully worked as a Sales Director in companies in different branches : FMCG, household hardware, chemistry, building materials. Since 2011 connected with building industry – Marek joined Selena SA in January 2015 on a position of Group Sales Excellence Director. Selena has operations in 17 countries (30 companies) with sales to 70 countries and is in top 3 world producers of polyurethane foam. Marek’s main activities are focused on markets of Russia, Kazkhstan, Spain, Turkey and Central Europe. He improves and implements business and sales solutions for widening distribution, price policy, mass margin optimization, sales effectiveness and efficiency. Additionally he supervises directly operations in Czech and Slovakia.