Martha Loleit is a Business Development Manager for Singapore’s microgrid initiative REIDS at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Supported by the government of Singapore and an international industry consortium she is ensuring the initiative provides intellectual leadership to governments, NGOs and the private sector to advance the renewable energy market in the South East Asian region. Previously she led a task force at NTU, developing a national roadmap for electric vehicles for Singapore, commissioned by the government of Singapore. Prior to joining NTY she headed the department for Sustainable Urban Mobility Concepts at Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, Germany. With Fraunhofer, she coordinated the sustainable transport team in the European Commission’s initiative “Transportation Innovation Deployment in Europe” and the “Morgenstadt: City of the Future Initiative” supporting the German Federal Government. She worked closely with cities and leading companies from the automotive, energy and information & communication technology sector on advancing the electric vehicle market. She degreed in Technology and Innovation Management from the Technical University of Munich and had educational stays at Tongji University in Shanghai and KTH Stockholm.