Mary B. Miller, MHA, Managing Partner at MPROVE GLOBAL, Inc., possesses over 10 years of experience in the daily management of international healthcare facilities, international business development, proven leadership in change management, and the implementation of continuous quality improvement models in various countries. Miller focuses primarily on the process and structural factors influencing long-term sustainability for improvement models unique and realistic for individual countries or facilities. Miller is considered an expert Quality Improvement, Cultural Competency and the Patient Experience. Miller has worked in over 20 countries spanning 4 continents. Whether with national health leaders or individual medical professionals, her ability to communicate, collaborate and achieve results has positioned her has one of the world’s best niche leaders in healthcare improvement for developing and emerging markets.Miller is also considered an expert in the field of Medical Tourism, specifically in Best Practices, International Standards, practices and the development of International Departments or International Patient Services programs. Miller presents across the globe on these topics and is consistently working with multiple clients to enable improved market penetration or improved operational processes.