A triple UK National Public Speaking champion and 8 time national finalist; coupled with a background as a professional musician and an extensive career in Sales, Sales training and Sales Management, Michael Ronayne has developed a profound understanding of the different aspects of training,communication and public performance. An English Literature degree at York University coupled with 4 years’ studying music at the ‘Franz Liszt’ Academy in Weimar (East Germany) as well as being a training mentor with over 15 years’ experience of designing, developing and delivering professional training programmes in the workplace have all given Michael the foundation for his unique insights into both the technical and psychological aspects of communication. He has written and presented communication training seminars for many major UK organizations and has spoken in front of groups of people ranging from a dozen to over 2,000. Michael spends part of his time as a trainer and mentor for newly qualifying Public Speaking trainers at the Speakers Trust. Michael’s expertise in the field of training, coaching and mentoring has also meant that he was involved from the outset firstly in the development and then overseeing the delivery of Edexcel’s BTEC Professional Award programme in ‘Training the Trainer’.