Mohammed Husamaddin is the Director of Knowledge Asset Management Division at Naseej. he leads solutions design and implementation to help customers better manage their knowledge assets and maximize their return on investment. His role requires anticipating technology trends in education & knowledge area and forecast market needs in the region in order to address the local community needs. Having spent a lifetime within the education community in the Gulf (and to less extent in North Africa), Husamaddin has contributed to many knowledge and learning projects that are improving the life style of people around us. Husamaddin has also played key roles in large number of projects ranges from technology expert, project managements, solution design, consultant and member of steering committee for projects like:Umm Al-Qura University eLearning Project.,Al-Majma’a University eLearning Project,Ankabut eLearning Platform Project,Abu Dhabi School LRCs Network Project,Yemen Higher Education Library Development Project,Ministry of Higher Education Libraries Network (Oman).Husamaddin participated in many scientific seminars and events both national and international and conducted many workshops in the domain of marketing, strategy management and library services.Husamaddin is a graduate of King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), College of Science.