Morris Pentel is a futurologist and designer of customer experience & customer contact strategy. He is a globally recognised professional public speaker and writer on the future of contact new technology & strategies running one of the most advanced business science organisations in the world. He is a leader in Customer Experience Design & Engineering delivering reduced cost and increased profits together with improved process and experience to large organisations and governments around the world. He also works with the suppliers to those organisations providing thought leadership programmes & proposition development. He designs the application of Customer Value, Measuring Customer Emotion, Applied Technology, Contact Strategy, CRM, Customer Service, Social Media, Voice of the Customer as vital elements of the value proposition. He has directed Business Process Reengineering for more than 30 years delivering Best Practice and Leadership Programmes. He has spent my professional life understanding the link between technology customers & organisations, building call centres social media and working along side most of the major technology companies like Aspect Datapoint Avaya Nortel & Lucent and with major consulting firms like Deloitte & Accenture with a focus on financial services during the last 10 years. These have included engagements with AMEX AXA Barclays Capital One Lloyds and others. These engagements have included managing negotiations with significant values. In addition to this he has also held senior roles at C&W and KCOM and managed the delivery of thousands of contact centre seats.