Natacha’s relationship with patients began many years ago, after developing a career in classical ballet and learning about injuries and pain. She became conscious about the benefits that movement and exercise techniques can bring to patients, drove her interest in learning how to apply that knowledge to improve the physical condition and quality of life of patients living with cancer, and how she could help them to recover the control and the status performance. This interest led her to get a degree in Cancer Rehabilitation Through Exercise Referral, and to start collaborating with the Spanish Cancer Patients Group (GEPAC) in 2011. Now, Natacha is leading GEPAC’s Physical Rehabilitation Department, helping patients to understand and to deal with cancer treatments (prior, during and after). Trying to do more, she engaged advocacy activities. She has a broad experience in working with interagency partnerships, community, and educational groups. She regularly participates as speaker at national and European level, and recently, she launched a Patient Advisory Board to provide insights for the design of clinical trials, with the objective to promote patient relevant outcomes, and patient-centred research. Natacha is involved in many international platforms concerning not only cancer, but haematological and other rare diseases: Pancreatic Cancer Europe, Make Sense Campaign, Lymphoma Coalition, MDS Alliance, CML Advocates Network, and MPN Advocates Network, among others. She regularly participates in work streams and advisory boards, moderating support forums and updating educational resources in response to patient questions. This includes substantial information on diagnosis, treatments and adverse effects. Natacha is clearly committed to increasing effectiveness as an advocate, remaining constantly updated with the scientific progresses.