Born in 1975, Nikolai Kröger, Rechtsanwalt (Attorney at Law), Member of the Board of InterEurope AG European Law Service, studied law at the Universities of Trier an Mainz. He graduated in Law at Mainz University and started his career at DEURAG Deutsche Rechtschutz Versicherung, a German legal protection insurer. After a legal internship (Referendariat) at the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main, during which he was assigned to the German Embassy in Manila, Philippines, he returned to the insurance sector dealing with international claims and claims processes. He has practiced contract, administrational and insurance law as well as law of torts as an independent lawyer. He has written various legal articles for specialized reviews and has participated as a speaker in various national and international conferences. Nikolai Kröger joined InterEurope AG European Law services in 2006, where he was appointed to the Board in 2011. He is a member of the Institute for European Traffic Law.