Norbert holds a CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification and he is Czech OWASP chapter leader. He obtained his BSc at MFF UK in Bratislava and his MSc at the Charles University in Prague. He started to work as a Linux low-level programmer of Linux kernel modules and drivers, gained a lot of experiences with Unix systems and designing and implementation of the LB/HA clusters. He is the main author of the „Mifare Classic Offline Cracker“ implementation that allows to crack more than a billion RFID cards worldwide. Moreover, he also wrote anti-DDoS plugin to the the popular load-balancer HAProxy. Norbert has a deep knowledge of many programming languages (ASM – focused on the shellcode creation and analysis, C, C++, Java, Python) that uses for programming his own penetration testing tools. He also has a very deep knowledge of the OWASP Testing Guide, OSSTMM, and experience with many security testing tools and exploit frameworks. Norbert is also focused on IT and GSM security research.