Economist and Blogger since 2012, Nuria is a health advocate always willing to contribute to patient engagement with government organizations, patient associations, medical community and society. She is Vicepresident of the Lupus Association Of Madrid, Co-opted of Lupus Europe and part of the EUPATI Spanish platform. By writing about what lupus is, how it is treated and how she lives with a chronic disease, she helps other patients and their relatives to cope with diagnosis, side effects and everyday life. Her articles and public speaking in patient forums and other organization events are helping putting a face on lupus, a disease that affects 46,000 people in Spain, 500,000 in Europe and around 5 million people in the world. With no tabues, Nuria speaks up about any issue. Only by normalizing the disease we can adapt to it and, more important, stop hiding it. Chronic patients need to break stigma and know that they may have an illness but that fact does not define who they are and the life they live. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which our own defenses attack our body. It does not have a cure and it can affect any organ or part of the body.